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    With the new source I found to gather HOT leads, You'll be closing a lot of sales and $$$. So I want to get one member here on BHW to be my caller. Your not cold calling so don't think that way. I will also devote some of my time to call some leads with you as-well so you don't go in alone most of the time. We could close mega amounts in revenue with this type of service which works very well in different types of businesses.

    Only SERIOUS people please because most people who add me are just thinking they will get turned down before they even call, or just do so to waste time so please don't request me on Skype if you are not serious about banking some real cash. Your not 'cold' calling and your NOT selling which I think should make you feel a lot better. I will discuss the service to you on Skype and how you will go about offering it, best way possible ;)

    Be in USA because you need to speak english in order to call. I will pay you 100$ per sale, CAKE. Once I see your doing good then you can expect a nice recurring% of each new client. That's when you will start to experience the real capabilities of this service financially. I will teach you everything about it, because I know everything about it. Consider yourself my sidekick in making a killing which doesn't only last a few months, but for years and year to come! Again, SERIOUS PERSON ONLY! Male or Female don't matter. Just don't be scared of talking on the phone like you normally do. You'll be payed by PayPal after each sale, no waiting :D For now, one person will do because I want to build trust with each new partner in the future

    SKYPE: helpisontheway3
    Or PM with a little bit about yourself and why you want to do this.
    There is unlimited amounts of sales you can make, let's get you trained and suited up to began on Monday, Thanks

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    Added on Skype. Called the spot.

    Weezy F baby
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    London, UK
    is this available if i am in england.