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    i have what i think is a great product designed for a targeted audience that needs this product. i have what i think is a nice website setup to sell this product. based on the need for this product, i estimate that it will convert, at worst, 1%. so for every 1,000 targeted visitors, we should make 10 sales. the product is priced at $279.00, which i think is very cheap. so far, i have done little or no marketing at all.

    i am looking for a partner who is equipped with the marketing arsenal to reach this audience. you will drive targeted traffic and i will do the rest of the work including support (there is quite a bit of work to be done after the sale is made).

    let's put our heads together and brainstorm. i am thinking you*tube marketing, forum spamming or mass mailing. you will handle all the marketing i will take care of the rest.

    this is the audience we will be targeting:
    fine artists
    makeup artists
    interior designers
    and anyone else who has a visual portfolio to showcase.

    i also have an email list of 5,000+ targeted leads. not much of a list but it's a start.

    please pm me if you are interested. this is a potential $400 plus for you a day on auto pilot if you can drive traffic. your pay is negotiable. lets give it a shot.
    by the way, this not a squeeze post. the only things i am good at squeezing are oranges and tits. neither am i bsing.