Major reporting issues with stuffed cookies. Should have more clicks. HELP!

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    I stuff the cookies from a major website and I am having problems with the number of impressions vs number of clicks. The report is for the end of 08. My site gets about 800 hits per day and half are from USA.

    County / Imp / Clk
    UK 14328 12518
    US 23653 4341
    CA 14391 16126
    AU 13055 12237

    This is USA from jan 1 to now

    US 10954 1269

    As you can see, non-US countries have a very high CTR, but the US is having a major problem. All of the cookies are set up the same way and on the same page. Can anyone help me to figure this out.
    I will be on all night if someone would help me troubleshoot.
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