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    Hey everyone,

    I have a few questions regarding a project I've been working on.

    So I have a website that I am trying to build out into an authority website, and i'm not sure what type of link packages/BHW marketplace services I should look into to help give the website an initial boost.

    It receives no search traffic, but it has gotten approximately 2,000 views since it was created in Oct of last year. The website is in regards to Anxiety & Panic Attacks.

    Currently this is how it's setup:

    -I have a few informative resource pages, but the main draw of the site is the blog posts I publish.
    -There is currently no type of monetization on the website
    -I have not purchased any links/packages/services at all.
    -There have been no citations built/directory submissions/white hat links built

    At the moment, the site is pretty much "fresh".

    What types of packages would be best to get some traction? Would a "bot traffic" package help? Or should I be going for other types of services?

    Also.. What would be the best way to monetize a site like this? Ads throughout the website? Affiliate links in blog posts? Selling an "anxiety & panic attack relief" e-book PDF?

    Thanks everyone!
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    You want a long term authority site?
    Ignore 99.99% of the marketplace.
    If you want, find a few good multi-page web2.0 providers, and send a few to your site.
    Maybe a few social shares, likes, retweets and such to show activity.
    With a long-term authority site, you need to be a bit pickier on what you're pointing to your site.

    As for monetization:
    I hardcore plan my monetization when building a site.
    I am currently building a site with PPC, PPL, CPA, and email monetization. To do this it required building my written content to make the ads appear seamlessly. It required planning for my visual content, so the ads worked in seamlessly.

    I have another site that I am monetizing through Amazon, clickbank, and basic sidebar links.

    I don't sell ebooks, I give them away like candy at Halloween, instead, I get them onto my email list and work them there.