maintain and keep search engine rankings infact !

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    1st yr engineering student lol
    hi bhw and people....i have a question..a post on my blog ranked 3rd for a high competitive term for 5-6 days but now slipped to 7-8 since some big sites have jumped in (before they were ranked lower to me for these 5-6 days)...i only did some forum signatures for that anchor keyword and some commenting in high pr do follow comment luv blogs.....but now i am sliping in rankings what do i need to do for maintaining the rankings

    wiill social bookmarking help ? and rss feed submision ? never tried these 2 actually. Can i use some free :))) tool coz i really need to get my rankings higher on that word and i think i will slip to page 2 or 3 if i dont do soemthing :(

    also plz tell me what methods u ensure that u keep ur rankings intact :rolleyes:
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    Build more backlinks.

    Social bookmarking should help, RSS feed submission only applies to properties you want indexed by the big G.

    Diversify your backlink strategy. Create some link pyramids using 2.0 properties, do a little scrapebox blasting, submit a few articles to ezine, article base, etc.

    Also, check out for free syndicated content across a blog network.

    Good luck.
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