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    May 4, 2010
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    2 of my websites, one with 70k and one with 8k monthly searches (both EMD's)have had the homepage ranking removed for the main keyword. (Although everything is still indexed). All other keyword and page rankings are doing fine. I remember a post by Frenchboy where this was his experience when trying to rank for too large of keywords somewhere on here. For the first site I had just spinned a bunch of plr articles for a mfa wordpress theme and put in my keyword and I was getting 300 views a day within 2 weeks. After letting hosting expire and putting it back this time with a static site and my own unique articles, it started barely ranking again but the kw is sandboxed now. It happened after a scrapebox blast (I got impatient lol and thought why not since it was about a year old and didn't get back to its original 300 views da day).
    Same with the second domain just yesterday, after using this free trial service that gets you 500 spun forum post backlinks.) I had senuked both sites fine but blasts/mass forum postings seemed to cause this.

    Anyone else have any experience with their main domain keyword being sandboxed, but with everything still indexed?
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