MailMascot -- Fisted Users In The Buttle

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    I purchased the MM program when Eric ran the business. After I got a new computer, I contacted them as they changed ownership so I can get the new MM update/serial and this is what they said:

    Due to server costs, updates, and the need for development we will require everyone to purchase updates. When we purchased the source code of this software from Eric we had hoped that we could continue to honor his sales. However, since we purchased the code right after Eric and MM were added to the ROKSO list we have had multiple dedicated servers shut down for hosting the database.

    For this reason, our legal team has advised us that in order to continue running MM we must have in our database a serial number with email, transaction ID with IBT, Inc., validation that the purchaser does not reside in one of the 7 regions that have enhanced policies on email software, and agreement to TOS. There are no exceptions to this rule as it is a legal restraint and governed by local and federal laws.

    We guarantee that with this purchase the longevity and stability of your software. We are guaranteeing a significant update at least once every three months and a new version annually. The upgrade that is in production at this time is a complete re-branding and inclusion of database features to be released within six weeks.

    Points of consideration:

    Server costs increased 1000%
    Spamhaus listing reduced sales
    Increased customer support needs
    No profit from previous sales to serve as capital
    Our sole purchase was the source code and master sale rights
    Increased overhead from legal department
    Increased overhead in non-negotiable development
    Increased overhead in domain registrations
    Increased overhead in DNS handling
    Increased overhead in public relations

    Due to these things we found it to be impossible to honor the unlimited updates that Eric had promised when he had control of the software. Our goal is not to inconvenience previous purchasers, but to:

    1. protect our assets
    2. protect the stability of the software
    3. reduce abuse of the software
    4. adhere to all legal restrictions
    5. develop the software

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you choose to remain a MM user please know that all the proceeds from previous customers of Eric's will go directly back into the development of the software. We will accept no profits from previous users, but must gain capital from those users in order to support them.

    So now they want us to fork our another $47 for their new updates when we were told that the software came with unlimited lifetime updates.

    I can respect that the company has expenses since the transfer, but I thought it would be a professional courtesy to allow previous users the benefit of having immunity to such fees.

    I cant help but feel royally fisted by these guys. :angryfire