Mailing Service VS. your-own-VPS

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    I would like to run a newsletter campaign for a few of my clients.
    Most of them uses open-source eCommerce sites (like magento, oscommerce etc.) with no opt-in newsletter feature.

    The list is not massive; maybe only 5000-6000 for each campaign. However, the list itself is around 4-5 years old.
    Therefore, some customers might've already changed their email and we might experience bounce back.

    I will probably be sending 5000-6000 each day, one run per day.

    So the best I can do at this point is export and import to a mailer and send them via SMTP
    Although the list itself is legit. Most SMTP providers dont trust it much (thats understandable).

    I have looked into a few services such as mailchimp, aweber; and they seem rather STRICT.

    Then there is mailjet and smtp (add extension), but they are EXPENSIVE?

    I done further research and came down to VPS? I am surprise not a lot of people mention this when it comes to mailing.
    I am wondering whats the disadvantage of using a VPS for mailing? They seem to be much cheaper and without much limitation?

    Please advise. Thx
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