[MAILING] Need some advice on CL mailing

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    Mar 11, 2013
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    i recently got a 'gig' for 9$/hour to send emails to @CL email addresses about some car show.

    i've got the CL mail scraper fully licensed and working well scraped ~ 50.000 @CL addresses and now i want to start sending

    main questions are:

    1. how legal is this ?
    2. any way i can automate the process (the hiring party wants to send to a max of 50 mails once and also send the email to them as a bcc)

    concern is that the email has to contain some attachments. can jpegs be viewed in @CL emails ?

    thanks in advance :) after i deliver this gig i am surely going to be able to buy myself that JR. VIP sub :D