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    Last month I tried Magic Submitter trial 4.95$, I didnt really like it as I tried senuke x too previous month and found more easy and user friendly. Unfortunately I didnt cancel magic submitter and today I got billed 67$ :(

    How to cancel automatic payment and get refund? I dont plan using this :(

    I emailed to [email protected], will i get refund? :(

    edit - just got refund, gud guys :)
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    Aug 2, 2011
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    Nice to see you got your refund. Personally I didnt expect you to get a refund. Let me tell you my story with VENOMSEO guys

    I was having a trial for VENOMSEO for like 7 days and forgot to cancel and I was automatically billed for a month. I immediately canceled the software and contacted them askin for a refund proving them I am not going to use the software as the subscription was canceled and VENOM seo became unavailable. They said will talk with management bla bla bla but never not my refund. So I paid for a monthly membership but haven't used them any single day in that month..was feeling like being cheated.

    Well glad to see Alex Krulik is a honest guy. Hands up for him :D
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