low volume, high price referrals needed [pay 30%]

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    Dec 19, 2008
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    I know a bunch of you guys probably send something like this as spam, in various schemes. But I can tell you guys that this thing I work on is real money, non-theoretical, real products, and no bullshit. Just manafacturing and selling. I need people to refer me customers by advertising (with "promo code" or similar so I know its from you).

    I run a website selling electronic equipment at a massive markup (95%+)
    The equipment is very niche, and questionably legal to use, but legal to possess (its just electronics).
    There is a good demand for it in certain circles.
    I am selling 2-6 units per week.
    The price is 3k-6k USD per unit.

    However, I'd like more customers.
    I'm willing to offer 25%-30% to people who can refer me customers.
    Payment to you would be made on a per-sale basis, and would be via Western Union or any of the safe e-currencies (ie not paypal). I'm fast to pay, won't rip you off (better to get 100*75% than 1*100%), and easy to work with.
    With the huge difference between manufacturing cost and sale price, I can easily afford to pay this % out. Its quite a good deal, I think.

    I'm 25 years old and I have 800k USD saved.
    Get on board and help me sell my products and make some cash too.

    Contact is preferably ICQ messenger, but feel free to pm me either.
    ICQ# is 41796
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    I am interested. Can you please send me more details? My address is halfbrainj at gmail dot com.
    Thank you!
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