[Low prices/High Quality] Rice Dropshipping/Wholesale - Huge profits

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    I have agricultural lands in Pakistan and can accordingly provide different varieties of long grain and extra long grain rice at low prices. In case required, I also have access to multiple rice suppliers within the country. I can ship them in form of 40 kg bags or otherwise as desired. Bags used for the shipment can be branded or left unbranded. This offer is most ideal for people that have access to rice dealerships and local rice brands in countries like Germany and Spain; with much higher profit margins. However, this will earn us both money if you can sell these supplies at a decent markup.

    Prices will greatly vary based on the size of order and profitability margin. However, just to give you a rough idea; I can supply Super Basmati i.e. top most quality of long grain rice for 1.72 USD per kg. For lesser quality rice, prices can be as low as 0.90 USD per kg. Please note that prices do not include freight charges/custom taxes.

    Instead of giving estimates, I would suggest you take local rice prices in your country and calculate the profit margin based on the pricing as provided by me.

    If you are interested then either post here or PM me for Skype and other contact details.

    Please note that there is no limit on how large or small an order can be.