Lover's Blog Posting Service - Up To 750 Posts - Starting at $15

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I know you can embed the videos in posts. Can i provide you with 5 videos in spintax format and you embed 1 video per post?

Yes, i can do that. Make sure you also include these details in order form.

Another question, would it be best to point these blogpost links at the inner page or just the homepage of our website, or little of both ?

You should buy links to page which you are trying to rank, if you trying to rank a root domain, then send links to root url.

Do you accept Skrill payments?


Just order

I put kw and links in description field

Kw1 for link 1
Kw2 for link 2

Please don't mix them

And drip feed 30 days


just put an order Transaction ID: 9P8************833

Thanks guys, your orders are confirmed.
Best to point through web 2.0s? or directly to money site
Best to point through web 2.0s? or directly to money site

I do not recommend sending these links directly to your long term money sites, but for churn and burn and basic affiliate sites you can send these directly with long drip feed period. Using these as tier 2 is always a best option for any kind of site.
At what point after the orders are processed should we see the final positive movement results (if any at all) ? Like 30 days after processing or maybe 60 days after, wherever the keywords are at that point in SERPS is that maybe the point where we can figure out how well these blogposts have done to help boost rankings ?
Interested in this service - but just want to be clear. Your package -using the first one for example- is that for 150 Spun articles that will be posted? Or 1 article to be posted on 150 private networks?
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