Lover's Blog Posting Service - Up To 750 Posts - Starting at $15

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Just ordered 750 posts for my tier 2 thanks

Transaction ID: ******531CT408510L

Hi Just ordered 750 posts
My Transaction ID: #############4911

Just ordered the 500 posts.
Transaction ID: XXXXXXXX007774N

Will report SERP movements. Thank you!

Placed an order.
Looking forward to see how it goes.

Placed another order for 500 posts. Transaction ID# XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-8077

500 blogposts ordered - trans. id - ...120A (main kw #60)
300 blogposts ordered - trans. id - ...1536 (main kw #12)

Hey Lover,
transaction ID for this payment is: 64E********08712N.

just ordered:
500 posts: 8VG5998140018493R
500 posts: 7SN64278WK440805L

Just made another order!

Another order for 750 - xxxxXD802274P, thanks

ordered 500 posts, can you pm me your skype ?

order placed 8H87631046657694M
please start ASAP

Hi lover it's me again.
Just made an order with transaction ID 58K34484xxx29443M.
Thank you!

Paypal id: ###6077225878545K

Thanks for all the orders guys. Most of the orders are already processed and confirmation email was sent, other pending orders will be processed in 1-2 days.
purchased order for parasite a few days ago, received order, I already see links in majestic. Will update with results.

your sites where you sell inks are deindexed from G, i checked 5 of them right now...
Thanks for all the new orders guys.

your sites where you sell inks are deindexed from G, i checked 5 of them right now...

Few blogs were de-indexed in Feb and those were removed from network. This is a large network and some blogs do get de-indexed sometimes, those blogs are removed from network and new blogs are added every month.

You have not ordered my service, so i am not sure which links you are checking.
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All the new orders are confirmed guys, i will send you email once i process your orders.

Some of the recent reviews and case study stats...

Just an Update for my money site!



After some research, I decided to use Lover's blog posting service in a head-to-head competition against 4 other SEO services. I had 5 groups of web 2.0's, gave all the services the same keywords, and sat back to see who ranked. Needless to say the results speak for themselves.



- Lover's service was the only one that managed to rack up top 3 rankings
- This service racked up more 8x first page rankings than the other 4 services combined
- Lover's blog posting service gave me keywords on Google where I have 8 out of the 10 rankings on the first page.
- 53% of the rankings I gained from this service were top 10 rankings. No page 8 for me.

I used his service as a Tier 2 service - boosting my web 2.0's. If you're looking for insanely powerful links, quit playing around and use his service. It beats all the other services put together. That's measurable.



P.S. If you want to see the full comparison of how his service slaughtered Google and all the others it's here.

Check this case study and see how my service dominated the results -->

ordered again, last time his links gave me huge juice on my site. About 10 position jump for medium competition. transaction code 3120812.


This service is too powerful that it rank all my web2.0s above my money site!!! And I am planning to do a new thing with it.
If you are looking for a powerful service to power your web2.0s, then this is what you are looking for!

Ordered the 150 blogposts package 5-6 days ago and my keywords have gone from nowhere to #12-20.
Will order again in upcoming days :)

Review : I have been using this service to rank my churn and burn sites. Mostly i get good results but sometimes my sites does not get ranked. But i am happy as long as i am in positive ROI. Also used this service to boost my tier 1 links for some of my product reviews sites.

Here are earning stats of one of my churn and burn site ranked using this service.


I want to make a review:
After My last 2 orders.

My keywords from 14 to 4
from 7 to 3
from 12 to 2 and 5 dancing.
and from 24 to 12 15 dancing
Thank you lover

Placed a new order for 750 posts. Some of the web 2.0s from last order already ranking on first page!

Hey Guys, this is my result with this loved backlinks service, i recommend it for every one looking for a high ranking,
Thank you Mr Lover.


Review from my lasto order from the beginning of this week.

3 KEYWORDS FROM 7-8-9 TO 2-3-4 :x

Lover service is the best i`ve ever tried!
Another order placed so close to first page!! Hoping this next batch can get me there. Thanks again!
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