[Lounge] Autism, I'm kind of tired of it.

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    Ladies and gents of the BHW, I know we all yackity yack about money, and I completely understand that is what the majority of this site is all about, however, in the offline world I am not a believer in modern medicine and in fact I think it is killing millions of more people than helping.

    At any rate I will get to the point. I recently put up this free blog spot (yeah yeah yeah I hate it too) that has natural health info about Autism, and the reasons it is so prevalent, how to help it etc.

    There are no advertisements, I am not selling anything and that's not the point, I am not ever going to make money with it. I am just sick and tired of doctors lying to parents' faces. I am not even a parent and I hate it because I have helped a lot of parents fight the disease through natural practices.

    At any rate I wanted to say that if any of you have lists, or access or any people who you feel could use the info, please send the page link to them. If you are going to blatantly steal it at least link to me as the original writer.

    If you feel like throwing some traffic towards a good cause or backlinks to it that you think would help more people go for it too to help their children by all means, please do so.

    Just want people to know that medical doctors don't know everything, in fact they hardly know anything when it comes to healing the body.

    site is http://naturalautismcures.blogspot.com

    Oh and I guess you get to actually see who I am, LOL. have fun with that one.
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