Lottery $5000 per month Money Making Case Study 2011 - Contribution

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    my contribution.

    1. Lottery Niche with PPC

    the affiliate product i used was lottomasterformula
    i built my own lander that spoke about winning numbers.

    it was a single page opt in with 7 days worth of follow up messages
    that gave lottery tips.

    some use a review page. i've noticed some folks just direct link
    to this offer by cloaking, different display url but the destination
    url is the same.

    i prefer a review page or opt in lander as this helps the sale
    as a follow up and presell.

    2. How I drove Traffic

    there are so many ways, YouTube with Title "How To Win The Lottery"
    but i prefer PPC and Media Buys.

    For PPC, I used Adcenter. Lottery is not allowed on Adwords but on Adcenter this still works. I've tested direct linking before moving on to
    build my own lander, which is the better long term strategy.

    i built a site about LUCKY NUMBERs. you then follow up in your email about gettting lucky numbers for the lottery, with your lottomasterformula affiliate link at the end.

    Numbers are very closely related to the lottery and is in line with Adcenter guidelines. having said that, i've seen folks just run
    "How To Win The Lottery" landers and get by just fine on Adcenter.

    I targeted USA and Canada by splitting up the adgroups.
    Adgroup #1 has Language Settings English & Spanish United States.
    Adgroup #2 has Language Settings English CANADA.

    this is important, else your ads won't show up in the country you want.
    For country targeting, i selected USA for Adgroup #1 and Canada for Adgroup #2.

    To find keywords

    I used the Google keyword tool.
    The keyword I typed in was lottery.
    downloaded the txt file that google gave me.

    Next, I went to the Google search and typed in lottery. i took note
    of all the domain names that appeared on google search.

    With domain ready, keywords ready, I set up my campaign in adcenter.
    You can download their desktop tool if this helps you out.

    For the Ad, be creative and split test 3 Ads.

    ==== stats====
    700-1000 clicks per day to an opt in gets around 4 sales a day.

    thats around $220 per day earnings.

    1 month = $6600 earnings

    the campaign cost is around $1500.

    Per click is $0.05. (cheap clicks in the lotto niche)

    PROFIT = $5100 per month.


    I can imagine some more experienced folks here doing much better
    with media buys and PPV, and what not, but hey,
    there's my contribution for those with smaller budgets that are happy to
    make $5k a month from this method.

    comments, questions. post them below.
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    Hello, do you think i will have similar results with direct linking? i would prefer to advertise and then land on the products home page, it seems to be a strong landing page in itself.
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    i took note of all the domain names that appeared on google search.

    what's that for? im newbie, thanks.
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    how I do ?I located in China?