Lots of Youtube views with conspiracy theory

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    Hi friends,

    I was thinking today in way to generate views on YouTube, I mean ? tons of views.

    Not with viral videos, but with conspiracy theory videos, what about that, huh?

    Have some of you ever thought about it?

    Have you ever noticed how many conspiracy theory videos have been released and how many views they got? A lot!!

    The point to generate a successful conspiracy theory video is based on a nice intriguing story that can be very creative; able to cause belief and doubt at the same time.The story is so, so much creative that it becomes impossible not watching the whole video and /or how many parts of the conspiracy theory videos might have.

    Have you developed such a technique like that, yet?

    Good writers with great imagination may develop a conspiracy theory linked to many real facts, very easily. A very creative one with a mixture of real facts and lots of imagination. Like a SCI-FI movie. There are lots of examples like that on YouTube as Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson's deaths. The Illuminati and the New World Order are another great topics that generated lots of views. People may not end up believing in all things that are told there, but they'll keep watching and reasoning whether such a thing could be true or not, and how surreal those stories are.

    And the result is achieved, and in the end of the day, ? the video(s) got lots of views.

    Isn't it awesome?

    I got this ideal when I was watching a video and beside it, there was one labeled ?Micheal Jackson and why he was killed?. I watched a couple of minutes of this video and, suddenly, this idea came through my mind.

    All that have to be done is grab a very hot REAL topic, and attach lots of fictional points to make the entire story pretty much believable.

    Got what I mean?

    What do you guys think about it? Some suggestions of hot curious real stories, to be spiced up?

    Another great conspiracy theory, 'cause people love it.