lots of visits but no clicks

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    hey guys looking for a bit of info my site just hit top 4, getting lots of visits but no clicks, im using the ctr theme also, can someone tell me of a better theme or idea thanks bhw
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    Usually if you are getting lots of traffic and no hits it is because the traffic is not targeted.

    You may have your SEO off slightly so the page is not targeting what you think it is. When visitors arrive, they are not seeing what they thought they were going to see. In this case the ads will also be off target and not appeal to them. Pull a keyword cloud of your site and see what it tells you.

    People may be pogo-sticking off your site. If they are staying less than 15 seconds on the site, you have design problems. In this case they will count as visitors, but they aren't sticking around long enough to look at your offers. You gotta grab their attention, and from the time your site STARTS to load, you have 7 seconds it at the outside to do it.

    Another thing if you will be more specific we can help you better.

    "Tons of traffic and no clicks" could mean anything. Tons of traffic to you might mean 50 people a day, to me 60,000. No clicks could mean 0 clicks or only a 2 % CTR. What type of offer matters also, adsense, CPA, product sales all convert differently.

    So 50 people to a site with a CPA offer that has no clicks is perfectly normal. 60,000 to it and no clicks is..well abysmal, (and you should have abandoned it a long time ago unless the payout is huge), you need a thousand at least to make a call if CPA is working. For adsense, the CTR can get up to 8% but can sit at 2% or even 0% for days on end. You will have $0.00 days and $10.00 days, it can be all over the place

    Tell us how many visitors in what time resulted in how many clicks to what kind of offer and we can offer better advice.
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