Lost Without My EMD Sites Have No Idea or Energy Right Now How to Rebuild

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    Not to whine and I didnt give the appropriate empathy I shouldve to all those hit by Panda and all the Penguin rollouts.

    All my Sites were EMD and all are gone, everyoneone, don't know due to all being EMDs, on same server, same webmaster account, or what but if I have a site about apples I dont call it oranges for god sakes.

    Had a F*ck it attitude at my work cause only needed by my calculations few more hundred a month to cover medical and would essentially retire. I knew it was putting eggs all in one basket. I tried and failed many aspects of IM until just building halfway MNS halfway authority sites, would stop building and move to next when all immediately related topics that people searched for within reason were gone. Adding content beyond that seemed pointless and I certainly had a ton more on any given topic than Wikipedia and the other "authorities" on most topics.

    Anyways had a few do very well and just did enough of them it added up and not being much of a salesman it was great way that worked for me to earn more than my salary as an Engineer for Boeing. Bing/Yahoo is just a trickle although I do appreciate them showing the sites the respect of first page but dang...I see why some do very drastic things when years worth of work goes to nothing. Cause M. Cutts feels it will be a more pleasurable experience.

    Anyways, thanks, just needed to write it down, now suck it up. Not going to spin wheels or re-invent the wheel by googling, or excuse me "Binging" term 'how to make money online'. Just maybe read, observe and when mourning is over experiment maybe...heck I dunno. Maybe be a working chump til I die.

    Even though my GF always laughed at what I called passive income somehow had me online 20 hours a day it's cause I loed it. Every dollar I have ever earned online felt 10X better then what I earned from boring real world job. I loved when I'd speak a little bit about making money online at the job and people telling me to be careul it's all a scam. As they surf the web not realizing they are paying us as they surf and love how we see and look at the internet so much diferently than the general populace seeing as a Library. People don't understand there is no internet team to donate their time and put info out there for their convenience..just funny.

    Alright thanks for listening to my nonsense. :) Those of you kicking butt are very blessed, smart, savvy and damn hardworking ppl that I truly think the world of. It's been a pleasure! Maybe I'll get the energy to get bk up on that horse,whatever horse that is but feels like that fire was extinuished, maybe build flashy websites and sell on Flippa along with hosting/seo re-sale recommendations..I could do that if you get a couple hundred per new site..something to read about maybe. Yea apparently it's in my blood but dang starting from 0, mother effing Cutts
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    Wishing you the best. I've been knocked down plenty myself over the years and it sounds like you'll be back sooner than you believe.
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    Do not give up! The EMD update was really a pain in the @ss but definitely dont give up.

    A friendly advice. Please use paragraphs next time you will post its easier for everybody. take care
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