Lost my moneysite need to start over

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    Hey guys,

    My main money site is poker related and now there is a new legislation which is basicly forbidding sites like mine (affiliating). 80% of my users are from my country, so I'm going to lose ~80% of my income in the next 2 months.

    Sad, eh?
    -Not really ;)

    I have been doing a very good amount of money with this site, however, now I have to move on and forget it (and of course take something extra from my rest 20% of users).

    Sooo my question is how to proceed? I'm not into some silly techniques to make $500 in one day and the other one $0. I'm rather planning to invest in a longterm site which is going to make an income over time and it will be stable. My idea was to search for niches that have 15k+ exact searches with not-so-hard competition (yes! 15k+ with low competition. I have 2 such domains already that are .com and .net. And CPC is $2+ for both. One of them is very good for affiliate amazon products.)

    Put shit loads of content and target a lot of KWs - the most related and the not-so-much related and try to rank them as hard as possible. I'm not a SEO expert, I can't even code a site or use photoshop, however, I have my team of programmers/designers/SEO guys. As said my main site was doing a good amount of money. Basicly make authority sites with exact match domains with a lot of content.
    I like this idea and it looks quite easy... ;)
    Monetizing methods: Adsense/CPC/amazon and maybe more if appropriate
    The plan is to have several such sites ... hopefully each of them making a good amount of money on monthly basis :)

    My other idea is to start a land based company for webdesign/seo/coding/etc. (simultaneously with building authority adsense/amazon/cpa sites)There are lots of those in my country, but most of them are really really expensive, and I have some good methods for getting customers. This will be a bit more expensive than I can risk, but I believe in my social skills and ability to attract new customers ;)

    I don't need ideas or anything (Of course I'm open for joint ventures, but only trusted people please. A lot of people know who I am and I have a registered offshore company in Malta(EU)) (Also if you have a super idea, I can invest in you :) )

    I just need some guide lines on what I should be aware of, is it worth it, ?any better options than those (my ideas are not unique or innovative, they are just simple and not so hard to be done)

    P.S. It's not an option to sell my site... Nobody will pay it that fast (its worth high 5 digit amount in euro) as I said I have only ~2 months. And as also said a lot of people know me and I don't want to screw anybody :)

    Sorry for the long post guys, I wish you luck to all of you ;)