Lost 60% Of My Local Traffic?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by SpiderBlast, Aug 22, 2013.

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    I'm gonna keep this to the point. I have 1 site that has been making me a nice amount of money.
    And I've only been paying $100 / month on SEO and have been making a few grand profit from
    this site.

    Around August 9th I saw my traffic drop 60%. But afaict its not a penalty. It looks like my home
    page just stopped ranking for a few long tail keywords.

    The fact is, the guy who does my SEO only targets 2 keywords, but his service was so powerful
    I wound up having 5 keywords ranking as a "side effect". These additional keywords were a bit
    more long tail, but weren't keywords he was actually targeting. With that said they still brought
    in a nice amount of traffic.

    Well over the last month, I lost rank for 3 of these long tails, and 1 keeps bouncing up and down.

    I honestly have no idea why this has happened, but they've gotten pushed back between pages
    6-18. Then my 2 main keywords remain in position 1. And what is really confusing, most of these
    keywords are VERY CLOSELY related to my top ranking keywords. The ones I lost rank for, are
    the same keywords as my top ranking ones, but with the state spelled out instead of abbreviated.
    Then there is one other keyword that is just closely related.

    What confuses me is why these keywords would go from page 1, all the way back to pages 6-18.
    I'd understand if they dropped a few positions, since they're not being targeted, but idk.

    What would you do? I can double or triple my keywords with my current SEO guy. Cause the 2
    keywords he's targeting are still #1 and have been there for the last 6 months. But I'm curious
    if I may be overlooking anything. I mean, if you get a penalty, ALL your keywords disappear right?
    I doubt its a penalty cause I've been using this guy for years, and he's more on top of his game than
    anyone I've ever used in my life.

    Its just confusing why all 3 of those keywords dropped significantly on August 9th. :(