Lost 1mil+ Facebook Fan page :/ willing to pay for recovery.

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by BK3896, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Long story short. Had a Facebook fan page with 1mil+followers. Somehow it got hijacked. Hit up a friend of a friend who actually worked for Facebook. He helped get it recovered but somehow it kept getting retaken (no fucking clue how they did this). Recoverd 3 times, jacked 3 times.

    anyway I'm trying to get it back, any advice let me know, if anyone can provide some REAL help
    and knows anyone who can help I'm willing to compensate! Thank you BHW community!
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    Jan 8, 2010
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    HAHAHAHAHA, if your friend's fiend who works for FB can't help you how in the world do you expect a bunch of 15 years olds who are trying to make $10 per day help you with you problem?

    Sounds like you need to hit up Mark Zuckerberg
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    Nov 29, 2014
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    If you can get it back, i can help you keeping it safe. Hit me up with a PM
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    Feb 19, 2012
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    Sounds like a keylogger on your computer, recover the fb account one last time then change the password but on a different computer.
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    Dec 7, 2012
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    Hopefully I can. I might've used all my get out of jail free cards though with my contact. Fml.
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    Which devices you use to access the account? Better reinstall OS for each individual device, install antivirus software and keep it updated. In case of mobile devices you can reset the OS and only install applications from its respective app store. I know its a hand full but will help you out in the long run.
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    Scan your computer for keyloggers and trojans first
  8. redarrow

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    Apr 1, 2013
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    I am dam sure facebook no you ,

    if you have recover that account before they
    got a file on you

    and i am 100% sure they will help you.

    facebook is a big company
    and trust me those with the mill accounts they know
    very well.

    ring them up or send a email to support
    dont just let this go.

    What was your income from this , guessing
    7 to. 8 figures yearly?

    this might be time to consider solid state drive
    they make the os boot x10 faster ....

    Upgrades make all us men fill good.

    i use the Kingston make only my prefrence.


    re install all your computers and then make sure you
    use a firewall and virus checker and keystroke app,
    Do not go and install any disc softwere that you recently done backups
    , just use the text data not softwere, install all programs
    from the offical websites and run a virus and keylogger on them,
    do this for every apllication, know get clever do what i do , get external
    drive and backup as your going , keep the checking up for secuity reasons.
    you can do a complete mirror of everthink on your hardrive and next time takes
    4 minutes to recover everything including os .......

    when you download any free softwere, this is where the problems comes from
    ,you think your getting a grate deal, but really your getting hacked or key logged
    Dont trust no one lock the system down, think of it like hammering nails thru wood
    with huge bolts also holding that wood and a huge chain around it, keep it safe......

    when you make any folders, know use a password protect application to keep
    everybody out except you.

    becouse you might of been keylogged ,goto all your online apps and change every
    password ,use the password example from Microsoft rules , do this to all email accounts and bank info and everythink you own online.

    If you have been hacked as we suspect, even change all your own bank pins just for peace of mind....

    Watch out for also any strange phone calls or mail letters asking for any personal bank info.

    good luck

    there goes your easer weekend ..... Loads of choc I guess to keep you going.
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    hes looking for info on how to hijack a page... what he's saying is obviously a lie.. he's trying to get info on how to take someones page.. so he made up a story about getting hacked 3 times.. if you own a page you can simply make who you want admins, change the passwords and keep the emails to the account private... it would be impossible to jack because no one would know what account is the admin.. the only way to get hijacked is if you go in the inbox and click on one of those fake "ill buy your page for 100k" or some b.s where they say to verify your page etc click link... just ignore the mail and do your job... why don't you try to build your own empire rather than trying methods to steal peoples hard work? Maybe IM isnt for you.. go get a job.. if your last resort is to try and steal.. better off getting a job.... whats that saying.. fool me once shame on you... fool me twice shame on me... fool me 3 times? scam..
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