Looks likes I found a NEW SUPPLIER of Forwarded Numbers to Replace UtlimateSEO

Nov 5, 2011
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so I was poking around on the other threads about forwarded numbers and someone casually dropped the name of a company that supplies, phone numbers. I had never heard of them before, but desperate I called them up (their number is on their site) spoke to a live person (OMG really, thats a first, awesome) He explained they had been in the game for a little while only selling a few numbers here and there, (apparently they mostly do web dev and backlinks) but supposedly they have a new method that no one else is using and have numbers to sell I bought some as a test batch, they said i'd have them by the end of the day, They've already been sent over an hour and a half later, I've tested about a dozen or so of them and so far they are working fine. Has anyone used these guys in the past? where did they come from? Left field? lol
so thrilled my ads are running again. Clad is a thing of beauty :)

na na nah boo boo stick YOUR Head in doo doo
well gee now I dont know what to do with the rest of my day now that the number-pocalypse is over.

... but seriously getting emails every two minutes with radicals swings in information was totally unnerving. what kind of fly by night operation does that. l
You posted wondering if anyone has used them...but you didn't post a name of the company.
SCAM WARNING from your friend ShiftySituation.

This guy has 4 posts, 3 for this thread alone... he is phishing for PMs and emails and then will run with your money. Don't deal with him or listen to anything he says.

I may be wrong, but I'm usually right! Take what I say seriously, as I can pick out a scam from a mile away.
haters wanna hate, lovers want to love, I dont even want none of the above. I cant do anything with PMs. so dont send me any haha
You posted wondering if anyone has used them...but you didn't post a name of the company.

I guess i sorta thought it was implied because it was mentioned buy a few people in the other threads that i was referencing. anyway they're called On Q Media Aggressive Marketing.
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