Looking To Work On A New Project? Join Me on Creating An Awesome Diet Product!

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by milanb, Sep 16, 2015.

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    Hello BHW

    I'm starting a project to produce a diet product that will include several ebooks (120+ pages total), an app, and membership to a website.
    I have always been interested in learning about health and nutrition and I believe I have some knowledge and ideas to contribute that will actually help people lose weight, while also making me some nice cash :cool:.
    This project is still very much in its infancy. I have an outline of the ideas that will be included in ebook(s), which will form the main part of the 'product'.
    While i spent most of my years in IM promoting other people's products as an affiliate, this is the first time I am attempting to make my own product.
    I am looking for a serious partner to undertake this project with me, splitting all the work and profits 50/50.

    The work that needs to go into this is:
    1. Finishing the framework of ideas that will form the ebook(s) and the app. The actual writing of the ebooks will be done by a ghost writer.
    2. Designing and making the website (WP would be the simplest option).
    3. Designing and making the sales page.
    4. Launching and promoting the product.

    If everything goes smoothly, this project can be completed and ready to launch within a month.

    The ideal partner will:
    1. Have an interest in health and nutrition.
    2. Have previous internet marketing experience including making sites (WP), writing articles and advertising (media buying, FB ads, etc).
    3. Be a native English speaker and/or be fluent in both speaking and writing in English.
    4. Most importantly, be enthusiastic about the project.

    If you're interested, hit me up via a PM or SKYPE.
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    I fulfill some if not all of your requirements. Interested in this. PMing you.