Looking to trade Compete .com reports for for dropshipper list

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    May 30, 2008
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    I am looking for a good list of dropshippers from a site like salehoo, yao had a really god thread going with a SOLID list but for some reason it was deleted? Anyways, I could really use a list like that, I am trying to sell products on ebay but ned a god dropshipper. I will trade reports exported to excel from compete .com , one report per dropshipper. These rports are AWESOME, they allow you to see where all the traffic to or from a particular website is coming to (a full list with up to hundreds of thousands of traffic sources, and what percentage of the sites traffic they contribute to), you can also do searches by keyword and find out which sites are getting the most traffic for particular keywords, and which keywords they are using. Oh yea, and I can also get site profiles which show the traffic patterns over time, subdomains and their stats, paid keywords, and traffic sources.

    I would do this with multiple people so don't hesitate if you are interested.
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    what products are you looking for ? I have a bunch of different dropshippers but most are REAL dropshippers and you need a sellers certificate or business certificate to do business with them...You need to let me know what your looking for (eg. electronics, clothes, candles, sporting goods, household, etc.)
    I been in the business for over 10 years, so i have alot of connections...