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looking to trade blog links in health related niche

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by GetyourFeetRite, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. GetyourFeetRite

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    Sep 23, 2014
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    i have a blog in my network i am looking to trade links, i want your link from your blog to link to my money cite. you can link to whatever site you want just needs to be Health Related. i do have some guidelines that your cite must fall into in order to trade.

    ) your website must be have equal or greater values then listed below. the CF can not be more than 5 above the TF. DA equal to or great than (below), PA must be 25 or more. i do not care what the PR is because i don't look at that factor anymore.

    my blog website that you will be getting a link from has a TF=19 CF=20 DA=14 PA=28
    all of the post on my blog are indexed in google
    all articles on my blog are 300-800 words and well written.

    you must provide me with a well written article that is at a minimum of 300 words, if you want an image or video to accompanied it, provide me with that as well. i will provide you with the same. 1 link per article/post or if the links are going to different websites 2 links per article/post.

    your link will stay on the homepage for at least 3 weeks to a month, maybe longer.

    i am looking for 10 links from 5 different websites total once i have traded those links i will post that all trades are taken.

    let me know what you have and we can go from there. please include the TF, CF, DA, PA of your website. MUST BE HEALTH RELATED NICHE and NO PHARMA