looking to start an engagement group in the cars niche, advice?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by datsunguy, Oct 16, 2016.

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    as the title syas i'm looking to start an engagement group in the cars niche.

    but as i'm not too familiar yet with engagement groups, advice is appreciated!

    this quote i took from Kerk30:

    "This is how we're going to do it
    - After a member applies and gets into the engagement group, he will be added to instagram DM group

    - Each member of the group is going to post a HEART ❤️ in a DM group whenever he posts something new. Everyone of us in the group will go and like his post and comment it. That way there is greater chance for a post to go on explore page and BLOW UP

    - It will be checked if everyone comments/likes, so that everyone benefits the most and it's not unfair.
    - Inactive accounts will be sorted out with new ones

    if you have an Instagram account with followers between 1k and 20k+, please just reply here and write you INSTAGRAM username , number of followers and niche. I am in the luxury lifestyle niche."

    so am i correct in thinking that if accounts with large followings like and comment the post will have a higher chance of reaching trending versus just the normal like and comments i get from my followers?

    when i start the engagement group i'd like it to be from 5+ followers, is this a good number?

    also what has your experience been with engagement groups? is it worthwhile?