Looking to start a new earn money online site, but have a few questions first

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    Hey Guys

    Ive been running a few sites that have generated a little bit of dosh from adsense (It certainly hasnt made me rich lol)

    Ive been looking on this forum quite a lot and seen some great posts of people earning money from basically nothing and i feel like i want a bit of it lol ;), Ive got about $100 to start from (i know its not much but its my SPARE cash, and dony really want to dip into savings just yet)!! I know this market is megan competetive and i know im not likely to get any top positions!! before im shouted down!

    Im thinking about registering a earn money domain but first wanted to ask some questions

    1. Who do you host with?
    2. What methods of seo would you suggest i take to start getting visitors and possible sales (I plan to sell ebook from ebay and click bank, as well as adsense), I am on a very tight budget! Are the fiverr gigs worth a shout? read a lot of good things on these
    3. I plan to launch a new page each day (ill simply write the page while at work during the quiet perods, so its not taking over my personal life)
    4. Is it worth investing in another host and buy another domain or 2 to create some bait sites or would free sites work just as well?

    Any help would be fantastic, obviously i know some people are reluctant to share their success.

    Hoping to join in on the money earning game!
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    1. Hostgator. It doesnt really matter, to be honest. Shop around here.
    2. Start with on-page stuff. Create a site with users in mind, then start thinking about optimisation. Once you're done with that, I recommend watching MattW's video series and start building your own blog network
    3. Okay. Make sure you cover long tail keywords to start driving some traffic in.
    4. Not sure what that means.
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    BHW on Mars!
    Host doesnt matter at all unless its having lot of downtime inconvenience to users

    So the thing is Do you see where is BHW hosted.. the Most important thing that foucs on Regular visitors that will get you only when u have quality content so foucs on Content and do little on site seo and then will be on its own.
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    1. Hostgator, bluehost etc
    2. Onpage SEO, backlinks. There are few awesome SEO gigs on Fiverr. Don't end wasting your money on fake SEO gigs
    3. Make sure your articles are original and SEO optimized. Initially target long tale keywords
    4. Free sub domains will not work for long term. So it is better you invest in top level domain and paid hosting.