Looking to start a bloggers faction! Were we work together to make it BIG! and make $$$

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    I'm looking for blog owners who are interested in the success of their blogs. All the participants must have blogs or websites (preferably blogs) that are updated regularly, and can be marketed through social bookmarking sites. All participants must be willing to help each other in this project to create a cohesive and successful union of blogs. You must also have the time to dedicate daily to both your blog and this project.

    I own a relatively successful gaming blog which I am dedicated to generating traffic for.

    Traffic will be WhiteHat and will be coming from these four sites.
    Reddit, Propeller, Delicious and StumbleUpon.

    Heres the plan, I help you get to frontpage you help me. :)
    Imagine we have 40 people in our union...? just imagine...

    That would mean domination of all those bookmarking sites for the purpose of generating serious traffic for ALL of our sites.

    I have the genius plan and workout perfectly written out, so all questions, will be answered in private through IM.

    BTW, My plan is not detectable or identifiable by just reading this thread, you'll have to be in it to know it. ;)

    I will not divulge any further other than to say, it will be done in private so as to prevent any unneccesary "hate" or competition.

    To get involved in this project and boost to blogging success please contact me through IM @

    GoogleTalk: [email protected]

    Yahoo Messenger: [email protected]

    MSN: [email protected]
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