Looking to pay money $$ to one who can offer a substantial way to increase my rappers buzz

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    Hey, my hip hop artist is 18 years old and at the end of his senior year in high school. I'm looking to pay money to anyone on here who can use their skills/services to help my rapper rise to a point where he's getting the legitimate views, downloads, followers, likes, and overall media buzz/coverage he deserves. This kid is supremely talented to say the list and has 200k plus hits on youtube and has been posted on huge hip hop sites that all remarked on how he could easily shape into a hugely popular rap artist. talent is not the question here and besides if you have an ounce of experience in the industry you would know that getting that big record deal has nothing to do with how talented UMG for example thinks your artist is. Big name music labels sign artists that they know are going to be make money, its all money and thats the way any business is. if you artist is wack and awful at rapping but because of that gets millions of downloads and hits then sony records wants to sign him more than some rapper who is totally more talented but gets 50 views on his youtube videos. I am asking anyone out there who reads this, if they can offer a way to get my artist into the eyes and ears of those he deserves to be in, and we are willing to pay $$$! Believe me, we are not looking to purchase fake youtube views, fake downloads, or any fake twitter and facebook followers/likes. My artist uploaded his new video a couple days a go and in the first day got 80k plus legit views. Things we are interested in paying money for: mass email list marketing, hip hop mixtape promotion, facebook fan page growth and following, getting on big name hip hop sites consistently, or anything that under your experience you feel could benefit my artist! His work is online and to anyone who is interested in providing their services we can easily direct u to my artists work. Thanks, and let us know if you can help!
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