Looking to outsource someone who custom codes and works with Joomla Rockettheme (9-13$ hr)

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    If you can find someone cheaper to hire, I would pay a finder's fee of 15$ (after successfully completing a few jobs).

    It's ok if you can only work a hour at a time or what not, if you have other jobs, that's fine.

    The only thing I require is that you have to use ObsProject(dot)com to stream yourself(you can use whatever streaming software you want, but you must record yourself) for every hour that you work, I expect at least 55 minutes of continuous working time per hour.

    How it works is, it is a lightweight program, used by many streamers, which will save automatically to your HDD and stream at the same time. If storage is an issue, you can upload to a dropbox every 2 or 3 hours.

    When contacting me, please send examples of custom coding and portfolios. People with no custom coding examples will be paid the lowest rate.
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    How do I say this... You will not get anyone with experience in Joomla working for that less of a money. STOP POSTING YOUR SHIT MULTIPLE TIMES HERE.
    Thread reported!