Looking to JV with an SEO provider that can rank fast!

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    I've got a handful of sites, some I already have being worked on via white hat SEO, but others that I don't mind throwing away if they can be ranked fast. I already have the keywords to be ranked for, some local, all with decent search volume and low competition.

    I will split profits for the life of the site with whoever ranks them to page 1, and when I flip the site I will cut you in on that as well.

    I bring classifieds posting and bulk emailing to the table, and the ability to outsource most orders for easy money. For instance, if you rank a landscaping or construction site with me for a local city I know how to close the leads and make sure the orders are taken care of, and once that is set up and earning we can flip the site pretty easily and split it down the middle. I have experience outsourcing things like landscaping, used car sales, catering, video production, and real estate rentals.

    If interested PM me. I'm looking for someone that can hit page 1 fast, some sites I don't mind if they no longer become useful after ranking for a little bit, but most of my sites I want to make sure rankings stick so they can be flipped for a good return. PM me if interested. Any sites we rank and flip together will be split down the middle as far as profit from individual sales and sale of the site.

    I've got some sample keywords that I can provide to those interested.
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    Anybody? Here is a better run down of what I'm coming to the table with....

    We can work together in two different ways, either help me sell more orders on existing products in order to help me flip them and share the profits on sales and the flipping of site. I mainly do CL posting and a little bit of email marketing myself over the years so I know the types of emails that convert and the types of lists to scrape but I can never find a reliable bulk mailer that sticks around, servers always go down, etc. I have my own method of bulk mailing via rotating gmail accounts that inboxes and converts well but its time consuming.

    Here is everything I have and what they are currently worth with my marketing alone, if interested email me at [email protected]

    I've got the domain howtobootyshake.com and a few other supplementary domains like howtodancelikeastripper.com currently sitting with a coaching offer of mine parked. www.easyonlinecashcoaching.com (that already converts well on forums and CL, done mail campaigns for it in the past that converted well also, just my mailer couldn't steadily send and disappeared on me)

    the bootyshake domain was purchased late last year initial estibot value
    on purchase was $1000 and now a few months later is $2500.
    the stripper domain was purchased at the same time estibot value then and
    now was $500. Both domains showed a much larger estimate on instica
    upwards of $10,000 a piece when originally purchased, just tried them
    with instica again and now its showing much lower than estibot value.

    Price I set is a middle ground based on monthly search volume for terms.

    Also have some other domains based around the phrase twerking
    (no estibot values show up but good instica values)

    those domains are blackgirlstwerking.com / blackgirltwerking.com and
    also have the domains for other ethnicities. All get pretty high monthly
    search volumes but the twerking domains don't show any value on estibot
    (on other sites like instica they show as being worth anywhere between
    $100-$800+ a piece last time I checked)

    Check Google trends to see the interest in all of the search terms and
    I can supply trends stats plus monthly search traffic for all domains as
    of a few months ago as well if needed. PM asap if interested or if you
    have a list of buyers u think would snatch them up fast.

    Looking for a quick sale will cut you in 20% possibly more if you can off
    load it this week, as high as 30%

    Down to sell the whole package of domains for minimum $5000 other than that I would just hold on to them let value go up, maybe set up some auto blog video sites on them to build better traffic then sell them as sites later down the line. I originally wanted to set up a larger info product and video sharing business model around them and will if I can't sell but considering what I purchased them for I would be willing to part with them at a decent price and already listed the package on flippa a few times, got some low ball offers that I ignored, haven't gotten around to listing them again and just parked my coaching offer on the domains until I do.

    Also have some established sites that I've been having trouble moving,
    lowest is valued at $3000 middle at $6000 and highest at $20,000 all been around for just over a year, all have proven income and sales are easily outsourced, every time I list on flippa they get a good amount of watches and interest but no final
    buys (mainly because the traffic isn't Google or search engine related)
    looking to get them ranked page 1 for a few keywords then up the price
    and sell them, I'm pretty sure the page 1 rankings is all they need to
    put them over the top or some other form of steady real traffic from an existing network or what not.

    Domain and site listings can all be seen at the following links.....





    If you think you can sell those sites and domains fast for the minimum price I want (you can actually sell them for more, check out my BIN on each past auction) then you would be looking at a minimum commission of $12,000 in the coming weeks. You seem to know what you are doing as well and have a better traffic delivery system than me, if you already have a good subscriber list of eager buyers it should be easy work.
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    Isn't it simple for people to rank their sites with their own skills and take 100% profit ?
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    I don't do SEO, I have SEO providers and some sites being ranked currently via whitehat (and one now via blackhat) if you notice the thread title I was looking for someone who can rank fast and this thread was created before my white hat provider notified me of his ability to rank another site via blackhat.

    Also note that I'm bringing to the table sites that are already established and are already earning for a year plus (also domains that have gone up in value since purchase) I'm looking for someone who feels they can sell these things off fast and if you can you would be looking at roughly $12,000 in quick commissions just for sending out to your own list, etc. Its not like I'm not marketing them myself on flippa, email, and classifieds.

    Not to mention this is the JV section correct? Hence I'm looking for a joint venture with someone who brings skills to the table that I don't have and we can both increase our profits.
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    I'm sending you a PM now to discuss the details as we can do this for you.
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