Looking to hire YT Promoter. White/GreyHat ONLY

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by FreshlyBlended, Jan 5, 2010.

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    I copied most of this post from another thread since another user asked for exactly what I am looking for :) So here it is...

    I would like to work with someone who has extensive experience promoting youtube videos. I'm only interested in white/greyhat methods. This isn't a fly by night setup hundreds of accounts type of thing. I'm looking to build a brand on youtube for music/fashion/movies on one youtube channel. Only looking to implement methods that are not very likely to get the account/channel banned. I'm looking to create a long term mutually beneficial relationship. You deliver the views/comments/ratings/subscriptions/fav...etc..etc and I'll send money your way.

    So if you are interested in working with me please send me a PM with details on your past experiences, what you can do for my project and what kind of pay you are expecting. Also I would like to see a few examples of videos you have promoted and a summary on how you did it and how long it took you.

    Thanks For Reading!

    You Deliver the Traffic and I'll pay You!

    Our youtube channel is a comedy/news channel that I would like to compare to SxePhil on YouTube. We just launched recently. Thanks! :D