Looking to hire SEO\Marketing specialists for a simple job

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    Hello guys,

    I represent a firm, a major player in SEO business in one country that is looking to expand globally.
    Our biggest success is the performance model with absolutely no risk. You only pay for TOP positions. Period.

    So I'm looking for

    1. Marketing specialists that can refer decent firms\website owners

    I can offer a 20% cut of their first payment\retainer. Instantly upon receival.

    2. Seo specialists to look for potential customers.

    (1) i'll provide you with 2 sources to seek for websites that may eventually convert to a prospective customer
    (2) look at each website to determine the subject area of the website, its business profile and corporate information about the company;
    (3) come up with a list of 5 keywords and key phrases relevant to that specific website (it's business operations, subject area, profile);
    (4) check Google for consistency of these keywords to see whether they rank on the first page of the organic search results;
    (5) if a given website doesn't rank on the TOP position for at least 3 of the targeted keywords include this information in spreadsheet;

    I can pay per url for that job, contact me with your price offers. Paypal preferable.