Looking To Hire PowerMTA/Interspire - VPS - Mass Mailer Setup ( 1MIL A day )

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    We are in need of some awesome email servers that give us the capability of sending 1 million emails per day (2x mailings of 500K each).

    Setup a server with Power mta (or similar ) mail server with interspire ( or similar ) , config it with dkim and spf and feedback loops. Set the domain limits so we will not exceed per ip etc etc

    We will need to use a server ( doesnt matter whatever you prefer ) - specifically mailing to the US - CAN SPAM Compliant Double Opt'd Lists only are being mailed no bull or nonsense
    We also do need a few ip ranges - planning on mailing per range ( C Class ) if you can provide ( if not we can find these )

    You need to have both the Interspire and the PowerMta to use for the installation.

    Let me know the cost for the installation of the software and also the costs for maintenance if it arises as well as the IP Ranges that you can provide

    Our person is sending out the email campaigns

    IMPORTANT ! ! !

    Please make sure that you can install and complete this. Work will start immediately - have to ensure that we have rotating IP's through the range - 1-255, etc to ensure emails hit INBOX.

    We will need to know the time it will take you and the cost of work.

    Please let us know what else you recommend in this situation - our current mailer has GONE DOWN and we are in need of a new solution immediately.
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    Great minds think alike, or at least have similar problems. I'm looking for the same kind of friendly support allthumbs is. I'm doing 100% CAN-SPAM compliant stuff and everything would be in the company name, you're providing the consulting. I'm a serious buyer, pm with Skype. Thanks.
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    Why don't you create a separate thread for the same?