Looking to hire or partner up with someone FB SMM expert.

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    Hi there,

    As the title says, Looking to partner up with someone on their services---FB SMM expert. We're super scared to get scammed again but can be sure to make anywhere from 1.5-5,000USD/month plus per campaign with us if your any good in FB SMM or other platforms. Please we are a new up start and not into playing any unethical games to separate anyone from their money or time. We just need a good FB SMM expert for our business/campaign which can generate a very nice incomes if you're any good on SMM. Please inquire with us. Ask about my Skype, thank you all for looking.

    Background details:

    -no method need a partner to make money
    -all they have to do is market the campiagn and watch the money come in
    -first 50k usd you get 5%, first 100Kusd+ get 10%
    -the media, radio, magazine is already helping you market it
    -SMM will help steer them to our campaign.
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    may i ask why are you so sure that your campaigns will perform that well?