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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by igotdtv, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Currently this website is on the first page on Top search engines for about 10 keywords / phrases with about 1000+ backlinks. Not happy with the current guy who is maintaining it. Need to hire someone who can do the same. Please PM me with cost per month and some samples and I will then provide the url with keywords.

    Thank you BHW
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    You have 1000+ black links and the website is going well in search engines for 10 keywords...I do't think he did anything wrong...he is working pretty good for you. Still if you wanna someone else (there may be other personal reason for not working with him anymore), i can help ya out. Please send me the details via pm. I sure can help ya out. Thanks.
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    I can probably help you. If your serious about your seo shoot me a pm with your url and keywords other wise I can't (nor can any legit seo) quote you a price without taking a look at your competition and other factors involved.

    As for samples I don't think you'll find to many seo's willing to talk about that as that would clearly be effecting:

    1. client privacy
    2. potential exposure to competition {especially if your in the same market}

    @nextgenseo: The 1,000 backlinks could be all on one site... This happened to a client of mine from France. He hired some non-sense seo guy (aka. scam artist) who gave him 1200 backlinks on one page of a free hosted site and charged thousands!!!

    Happy to say my client left that guy and switched to my company and is now ranking quite well!
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  4. PM sent plz check it thank you! [​IMG]