Looking to hire a PHP/JS Scripter/Coder

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    Dec 1, 2010
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    I can't say what I need done openly, because its under wraps right now, and I want it to have that "wow factor" when it's released. But if you have a decent amount of experience in PHP/Javascript in either one , or both. BOTH or JAVASCRIPT is preferred. because I don't exactly know what it would need to be coded in.

    If you are interested, PLEASE PM ME, **DO NOT POST HERE**!
    With the following information:

    Where your located in the world -
    Time zone -
    Contact information -
    How long you have been scripting/coding -
    What you level of experience is -
    As well as ANY and ALL other information you feel would be important.

    As of right now, I need this done, but within a few months, I'll be looking to officially hire coders/scripters to work at my company.