Looking to hire a "buffer" expert


May 11, 2014
Hello all,

I own a couple of very respectable small businesses in the UK that are doing ok. I am intending to launch a 3rd business. I will pay all taxes on said new business. I will comply with the law in every way with this business. It will be 100% legal in every way. But this business is in the adult entertainment sector and should anyone be able to dig up that I have an interest in the adult sector, my "proper" career as it stands would be in some serious trouble.

i am looking to hire someone with demonstrable experience in simple concealment - I just want it virtually impossible, unless you're basically an officer of the law, to work out that I am the owner of this business.

the right person will probably be based in the UK and have a basic knowledge of UK company formation, bank acc formation, tax, domain purchasing and concealment etc.

anyway all a bit vague but if anyone can help please get in touch.

"The family sure had a lot of buffers!" - Willy Cicci, Godfather Part II
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