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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Hi all!
    I just bought 30 days on Instagress after trying and really liking the free trial. I have gained around 150 followers with the 3 day free trial.
    A bit about my activity:
    My account falls under the "pets/animals" section of Instagram.
    I run on "normal" speed, media source is 16 different pet-related hashtags. I run likes, comments, and following...

    At what point should I start unfollowing instead of following? Can't do both at the same time.
    How can I come up with more comments? Mine are all short and pretty generic, which I guess isn't a bad thing, but I'm trying to expand on the number of & diversity of my comments. I have about 20 different comments right now - not sure if that's enough or not.

    Any tips on getting the most out of Instagress? I have read and follow their FAQ and guide. Just wondering if there's anything more I need to know!
    I would eventually like to try FL but it's not in my budget at this exact moment.