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Looking to Dominate FB Spam w/ CPA. Any tips and tricks?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by VolatileQQ, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. VolatileQQ

    VolatileQQ Junior Member

    Jun 30, 2015
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    Hey BHW buds,

    The Story:

    So, I'll give a small rundown on what I have done and my small journey to why I want to give this a shot. I use to do Facebook Ads early this year and had good success on Teespring, eventually the virality died and lost a decent chunk trying to get another good campaign running. Invested in some scrapping software once Name Campaigns were dead, learned the hard way when I couldn't get it running after investing a decent amount.

    Thankfully, I learned about CPA thanks to the same guy who gave me a course on it as compensation for the aftermath. I actually got in touch with a great mentor, learning about the evergreen diet and skin care CPA niche. I think I got in too little, too late. I didn't have too much to invest, learnt the hard way with cloakers, URL, etc. Eventually I started bleeding bad, once I 'finally' got a running. POW. Facebook Ads Account banned. Out of nowhere, hundreds of dollars invested in ads + cloaker, nothing to show for it.

    The Comeback:

    So after bleeding out some money paying monthly fees (my hosting, cloaker etc.) I decided to make a more "cost effective" Facebook Strategy. When you're not making money on auto-pilot on PPC campaigns, you're probably just like me, reading information and getting analysis paralysis. I want to get back into the Facebook game, but I need to build capital ((I do get paychecks, but they're not huge and mostly used for experimenting etc.)). I think spamming FB, as ninja like as possible, might be worth a try.

    Being new to the 'mass spamming' world is obviously out of my area. I'm experienced in PPC (I use Bing accounts for now as a side income, but it's so dependent on account suppliers I'm looking for a bit more control.) so I'm sure I can develop a good strategy for this.

    The Plan:

    So here's what I got:
    - Good cloaker that works with FB Ads, but I'm sure it can work fine if it doesn't filter out the FB Ad bots, it can at least filter out non-wanted location users for the CPA offers.

    - VPS with US IP and I don't have a problem purchasing more as long as it returns my investment. ((Which it obviously should.)) for FB accounts.

    - Couple of URLs that have been banned on Bing accounts, not sure if I can give it a try on FB. If not, I have no problem investing a couple of bucks on another dummy domain.

    - Experience using dummy pages (clean landing pages w/ leadpages) to get decent rankings on PPC, not sure if that can help with how fast FB bans the domains.

    I plan to use/buy a dummy FB account and be able to blast spam as 'legal' (Not sure on the amounts FB considers spam a day thing) as possible, having a creative text/ad copy and convincing them to read my "shocking news" which will then re-direct via cloaker them to the money page of said niche. Thing is, I'm not sure if this is even possible out of group post spam.

    Has anyone done this with comments on viral pages and so on? Any help is amazingly appreciated, any program recommendations or suggestions will be great. Once I start building results, I can share tips with other new members as well as a thank you from the BHW community. I tried reading and finding, but I just feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information I'm reading. Not even knowing if it's outdated.

    tl;dr - Looking for some advice on how to dominate FB spam with CPA/CB offers. Willing to return the favor for newbies once I get the method down.

    Thanks guys,