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    Basically, I'm a intermediate SEO who's been doing this far too long to not have it under my fist completely. I'm a guy who easily groks things, whether it's music, literature, languages, and most other kind of paradigm. I'm a research kind of guy, so I can sort of get stuck in that loop so many of us are familiar with SEO. This loop works fantasically for mostly every other paradigm; if I spend 3 hours trying to understand chemistry better, I will understand chemistry better, - as I would get the most acclaimed/underground acclaimed/whatever chemistry book I could find, and maximize my time trying to understand that paradigm.

    SEO however kind of has the opposite effect, as the people who are spreading this logic have many ulterior motives beyond the spread of truth, how many people on BHW are Google employees saying "I just did a SENuke blast to my site, and it's now deindexed forever!"? How many are making a fucking killing doing something dead simple and then straight telling you to do the opposite?

    Regardless, the point I'm trying to make is to make progress with SEO, I need to understand it better, and that will only happen through empirical testing. I could do it myself, as I have a decent amount of cash, but I feel as if every nook and cranny should be explored right now. Ideal backlink velocity, social media signal velocity, new types of links that hold weight. I'm talking 50 EMDs, and 25 different strategies. So each strategy is used twice, and the most effectual strategies are instantly scaled up. I'm looking for people who have things to offer to large scale SEO experiments, (long and short term, but of course both are valuable in their own way).

    I'm pretty educated in getting links, so doing "short term" tests, is no problem. I want to see how fast I can rank a web 2.0 with lowish competition(i know of so many niches with low competition that are worth so damn much), front page 90% of the time, even if it only sticks for a couple weeks. I want to know how long it takes to establish an authority site, and with what velocity, types of links, speeds, ETC. I want to run creative tests like this efficiently and methodically, on large scales.

    The main catalyst to this is content, I think. Although I have money to invest in content, I really don't want to as I consider myself a fairly eloquent and efficient writer (80 wpm avg), and my money would be better reinvested into other things if I have the time to create it myself. I'm looking for people to talk strategies with, test empirical data, hard facts, to work with, on a research level more than professional (Although they can certainly bleed together, with the right opportunity).

    My game has been client generation in the past few months, and now that I'm at my zenith of that, I'm not so confident of my SEO skills, or rather I just feel they need to be more concrete.

    Anyone interested in my baked ramblings, get at me on Skype, Adamjmagyar.
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    Problem #1 - This isn't a science, it is wholly created and fabricated by engineers at Google and need not have consistency (in fact, it doesn't have any). As a result, direct research is not an "investment" as it will change. When you invest in finding out how to fuse deuterium with a positive Q power output, that's a real investment. When you figure out that 1000 FB likes boosts a site <insert spots> (the answer is 0 spots) in the serps, this will change in about a week.
    Problem #2 - No one needs to know any of this to rank well for most terms.
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