Looking to advertise and market on social networking sites..Need help with new ideas!

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    Hello fellow forum members,
    I am looking to do some social networking advertising. I am a young real estate agent looking to try and find some qualified leads on these social networking sites. I have yet to have a real estate agent contact me via myspace or facebook, and a growing number of people are using the internet to search for homes and finding their real estate agent. I want to have a presence on myspace/facebook since very few of my competitors are using this medium to reach potential clients.

    I have tried the myspace messaging/friend requests and it led to one sale earlier this year. Not bad! I am looking to do more though. As of right now i have about 7 myspace work accounts with a total of about 2500 friends. It used to be that I was using a bot to add/message users but I no longer have the time to do all that so I have hired a free lance artist in india to do the messaging and data entry for me.

    However from what I have been reading on this forum, myspace marketing is practically dead and gets harder and harder by the day to do anything on there. I was thinking about pursing facebook, as I think more people that would be looking to buy a home would be using it. I am aware of their captcha requests when first opening an account, and know that they limit you to about 50 requests per account per day. Just in doing a few weeks of marketing on facebook I have noticed that few people actually add you as friends and you dont get the greatest response rate. At least at a much smaller ratio than on myspace.

    I am asking for everyones opinion on where I should put my advertising dollar. Should it be in myspace, facebook or some other popular up and coming social network site that doesnt have such strict restrictions, and isnt cluttered down with other spam to where my messages would get to the intended user.

    Please let me know your opinions.