Looking on how to remove the need for a USB Security Dongle for a DVD update for a jukebox

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    Ok guys so long story short I work and run a pub and I have a jukebox in here at the moment that is maintained by Sound Leisure. It get's it's updates from the internet by Sound Leisure directly.

    They have just been out earlier on today and replaced the old PC unit and I asked what they did with it (mainly because I wanted to have a look at the HDD to see if I could recover the jukebox software that they use because it is pretty good and I would like to use it on my own jukebox I am in the middle of using) anyway he said that they upgrade them and then send them back out into other jukebox's and instead he gave me 2 update DVD's and 1 update CD.

    They all have encryption on them and as such do not really let you look at anything but from what I have gathered it only contains some updated music and such. I have made complete ISO's of all 3 and when I tried to run the update program that is already on the disc it basically loads and then say's that the security dongle is missing so my question would be where would I start on removing the need for the USB dongle and actually trying to install the update onto a spare HDD in the hopes that it actually puts the software on to it.

    If anyone would like to have access to the ISO's please feel free to ask.
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    Not sure you'll get an answer here buddy.

    Im thinking maybe a torrent site/forum would be a better place for your question.