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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by 25aug, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Hello , i recently found a site that worths to be seen.

    First of all , i want to say that this site is not a scam , it's a trusted site.

    Basicly you are buying shares of real business and you get an amount of money per month (depending on the business and on the shares you got)

    Of course , there will always be people who will start trolling and stuff , i have posted this ONLY to help people who are looking forward to invest in a real business and for mature people which have patience and dont expect 9999999$ profit in 1 day , as this is a long term way to get money
    To get more informations about this site and how it works visit their url , as i can't explain you everything in this thread
    Site url : Uinvest //|| https://uinvest.com.ua/?amigosid=18362 (if you consider this topic helped you , please sign up on my ref. link , if not just google the site name)

    For all those who will start investing (as i will ) , i wish you good luck !
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    Investing in company shares requires plenty of experience, I hope you will chose the right biz to invest in because even smart "players" can make mistakes. For a short term profit, trading is the way to go, but this implies more money and more risks.
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    I don't think that referral links are allowed on bhw ;)