(Looking for work) Amazon and fiverr reviews

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by zaryabjamil, Oct 23, 2014.

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    I need work to earn some money online

    I can do amazon and fiverr reviews if you need please contact to me.
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    I dont need reviews. But, some tips for you :)All involve learning stuffs, but they are quick to learn. :D

    - Download softwares like (xara web designer, summitsoft logo designer, laughingbird logo designer, after effects, photoshop, etc from warez forums or torrent sites, and learn to design websites and logos. these softwares are easy to learn and you dont need to learn any html or other coding languages make webistes. Just drag and drop and they create websitse by themselves.

    - Start a gig on fiverr, saying you will create a 3 or 5 (whatever you are conmfirtable with) website, you will definitely get gigs for 5 page websites. In xara it will take you half n hour to 1 hour in creating a good business portfolio website. :D

    - Another gig - creation of logo. Use summitsoft software to create logos, they have good platform and many templates - you can get it from piratebay. :D downloadd the vector one.

    - Gig 3 - creation of cool banners - use laughing bird logo designer for it. Nice software for banners with good templates and character set.

    - Gig four - creation of video intros in whiteboard( download them from vidoehive template sharing sites - there are some nice on in the bhw video sections- and edit them using after effects, AE is very easy to use.

    - Gig 5 - If you can write, start an article writing gig.

    - Gig 6 - Gig for submission to social bookmarking, or web 2.0 etc or some other seo service that you can do easily.

    - Go to social networks and spam your Gigs. :D use multiple accounts, and different content in spamming every time. And you will get some people to buy your service, as a 5 page webiste for 5 dollars is very cheap. :D

    - Go to business networking sites like ibosocial, and they give you free credits to post ads there. create banners regarding your service, and post ads there (you can create fake referral to the site usng fake emails for more credits for ads).

    - Search for Fiverr review exchange in BHW and you will find many people sharing reviews, getting reviews from them will make your gigs more visible.

    - Search for keywords like "want a web designer" etc on twitter, linked in, and other social networks, and post your service to them in reply.

    Post regarding your service dedicately for 1 week. You are sure to get some orders. And most of the people will pay you far more than5 dollars for the website you will creat e for them.

    If you need download links to softwares,let me know.

    This is howi started. My first client paid me 5 dolalrs for website. But, she came back and paid me more as thank you. :D Then i go clients who started doing business with me outside fiverr, and I created some good websites. When I had some money in my pocket. I bought vps and scrapebox, and started link building services. :D With that money I started my own website, and now I provide services direcly from my website, and saving to invest money to start my BPO business.

    I would have started it by now, but i got lazy last year and fucked up lots of things. :D So, don't be lazy. Keep working hard and look for new softwares, and start delivering the services for the task the softwares do. THere are many good tools available in bhw downlod section too. .