Looking for web designer / php scripter, paying good

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    I'm looking for a contact who is capable of working here and there, mostly doing specific small website designing and php scripting projects. Projects are for look a like sites, so you must be okay with some blackhat.

    General requirements:
    - Knowledge of html, css, php and a little bit of javascript (you do not need to create any stuff with javascript, just need to know how to insert it into pages properly)
    - Can work quickly and on random intervals; I dont need you all the time, but I pay good when I do.
    - Creates secure code (no php newbies please)

    Just as an note, there is no methods to be learned from this offer. You will be solely coding the somewhat simple landing sites and giving the scripts and design for me, and you'll get payment then. However you are allowed to rip the design from other sites and whatever, as long as you fix it to work flawlessly with the php scripts and other requirements. Usual sites have two pages (front page + content pages) that serve content from db, depending on the GET parameters. More info is given after choosing you for the project.

    Payment amount is 100-200$ per desing and simple scripts for site that I need, and for a knowledgeable person its probably just a few hours - half a day job. Contact on icq 449306715 or email [email protected] , no private messages please. For a good designer/php coder there is work from time to time.
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