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Looking for ways to earn money online (500 euro month needed)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Zerubbabel, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Zerubbabel

    Zerubbabel Newbie

    Apr 2, 2016
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    Ive been a lurker for a while and have seen a few threads on here about making money online. There are some ways that seem appealing but as Ive learnt on the INTERNET.... you cannot always believe everything you read.

    What am I looking for?

    A reliable source of income online. I need to work from home as circumstances require me to be at home most of the time.

    What am I willing to do... ANYTHING within reason.

    My skills

    Im internet savvy Im PC MAC and Device savvy Im gaming browsing typing internet savvy and I am good with computers web design, ebay, amazon, youtube, ETC. Basically anything to do with internet Im good at.


    I have been a trader (FOREX) since 2009 and I earn roughly 1500 euros a month but this is not passive it requires my attention on and off Mon to Fri. I have spare time during the week and could devote a lot of time daily to a new source of income. I have also had experience with selling online and web design. A lot of other things too listed above.

    Any advice would be appreciated and I would of course pay my respect with a little funds if everything works out eventually. Im looking for employment too online so if you have a job Im your man.


    Thank you
  2. Fragmaster

    Fragmaster Senior Member

    Apr 3, 2016
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    Reliable passive internet income is oxymoron.
    First do a reality check , are you really good at stuff you mentioned? Browsing internet and registering on sites is not a skill. Main problem is when people think that skill is something common. If everybody knows to do something, its not a skill.
    You inherently need to be better than the rest.
    What else? Specialization, you need it. This world is not rewarding mediocre and average all around individuals. Everyone needs something specific, and why should they pay you if ur just average. Thats why everyone talk about sticking to a method. Round robins fail. Pick ur favorite, stop reading and lurking, and start doing. Lurkers are actually cowards that don't have their egos in place. Because if you don't try, u can keep telling urself that ur good, when in fact ur not, dodging emotional pain that comes with cruel reality.

    What u NEED is wrong question. Nobody gives a fuck. Its about what u can GIVE.