Looking for Twitter experts who work with automated tweets / mass accounts

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by shiloz, Jul 21, 2012.

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    Hi, i'm looking for people who can advise me regarding the automatization process of managing 50+ twitter accounts.

    The plan:
    Every week i'll setup 5 different twitteraccounts for multiple niches with popular content.
    Each account will get a special design customization. (i'll repeat this 10 weeks long untill i've got 50 accounts
    I got the resources to promote the accounts and make them bigger, the goal is to have at least 20.000 followers for each account, so 1.000.000 followers. When that goal is reached i will start monetizing the accounts to make money out of them.

    The problem is i dont know where to start with managing accounts on a bigger level, there is too many software out there, i would save a lot of money if people can recommand me the right software and perhaps give me some advice.

    What i need, software that can:
    - Auto follow/unfollow from another account
    - targeted auto-follow/unfollow for specific keywords
    - tweet scheduling (MOST IMPORTANT ONE, it would be nice if i could for example schedule 5 months ahead and even better if i could import the content from a file, this way i can load a lot of content and manage it easily, i could just import a list of jokes and have 10 tweets posted daily from the loaded content)
    - Proxies (I suppose i need a unique IP for each account to avoid a ban or is that unnecassary?)

    If there are people out there who dont feel like giving away info for free just name your price or ask for a favour back.

    Thanks in advance
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    We have covered most of this. Check out the link in my signature. Download the free trial and check it for yourself: http://sublimesoftwaresolutions.com/Sublime_Twitter_Bot.zip and update to the latest version.

    I recommend using private proxies. A good ratio is 1 proxy for every 10 accounts. Add me on skype: sublimesoftwarecs and we can exchange tips :)

    Edit: Tweet Scheduling is currently in Beta and will be available on 07/23/2012
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    Mar 24, 2012
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    Just download and use TweetAdder on this site. It will do everything you are trying to do for free.