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Looking for Traffic Superstars As Employees or Consultants - Let Me Explain...

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by icanhaz, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. icanhaz

    icanhaz Newbie

    Jan 11, 2015
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    I've run a very very successful business for a long time and now I need a real cold traffic push in a new niche in the financial industry for forex. This is something very serious for me and I have the budget to make this work so let me tell you what I'm looking for...

    I'm looking for an army of superstars who could help me as a media buyer for the following or as a consultant...

    -Facebook traffic guy who knows how to run campaigns (including video traffic) and can get accounts in case FB just bans the account for some strange reason and I will be running as whitehat traffic as I can although I'm open to any and all ideas
    -Someone who can help me open accounts for FB in case they shut me down
    -Banner ads
    -Adwords if possible, I know Google is difficult at times but if you are good at cloaking that could make it work
    -Native Ads on Taboola, Outbrain, etc.
    -CPV/PPV Traffic
    -Someone who could guide me to buy accounts for Google/FB, cloakers
    -Open to all ideas to get success from cold traffic in forex

    Now I don't expect anyone to be a master of all that stuff, it's impossible, but tell me what you are good at, where you excel and how we can work together. You'll have a big leg up if you've done forex or binary before.

    If you want a job I'm paying you on odesk this way I can see your work and make sure we are working together on projects. I do not believe in a loose confederation of success. In the future I can take you off odesk and work with you independently.

    Also, you have to have experience, no information junkies who bought a ton of courses; so you have to have real experience you can show me. No exceptions on this.

    If you wish to be a consultant you have to be very successful and have run 5 figure ad campaigns on 1 vertical.

    Lastly, don't tell me to check my PM. You need to tell me right upfront what you do. You'll find I'm a straight shooter.

    Looking forward to working with you!
  2. Mariaseogl

    Mariaseogl Registered Member

    Feb 15, 2015
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    Hey there guys ive been hired by mike.i think is a trusted person and you can defenitely work with him. we need more people who have skils in those areas he pointed...
  3. gregorTECHS

    gregorTECHS Registered Member

    Dec 16, 2014
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    I can provide good quality traffic for forex and binary, get in contact so that we talk more skype:candy.technologies
  4. javier1199

    javier1199 Junior Member

    Jun 29, 2016
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    Hello guys.
    I am experienced Facebook traffic user.
    Let me tell you that in Facebook area your niche is consider black hat.
    Nowadays Facebook is one of the best traffic sources out there but yet it become also one of the most difficult to manage, mostly when doing black-grey hat ads.
    Despite of these I truly believe I could cooperate with you, nowadays I have unlimited supply of Facebook Ads Accounts ready to run Black Hat & the best practices to get the account live as much as possible.
    When running your kind of niches it is a fact that the account end dying, its just a matter of time, my role is make them live as long as possibe.
    I will be sending more details by direct message.
    We talk soon.